Sterling HTP 9mm

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Replied by dogwood on topic Sterling HTP 9mm
My go-to climbing line these days is Arrowfrog, a TreeStuff variant on Poison Ivy, which is an 11.7 mm double braid. It's a great multipurpose line. However, I just made a long lanyard from some Yale Kernmaster, and I really like it! Kernmaster is an 11mm line with a 48 strand cover. Very strong and light weight, it's constructed like a kernmantle line, but the nylon core strands are braided, rather than straight, which gives it the ability to absorb a shock load. It's wonderful through ascenders and other SRT gear, and it has a supple hand, so it knots well and can be used DdRT as well. I'm impressed, and I'd highly recommend it.

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