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14 years 10 months ago #133964 by TreeTramp
foot loop versions was created by TreeTramp
Foot Loop Idea

My current version that we are using is a simple cord tied in the Double Crown knot to form a loop for each foot. I also disliked using the Prussic or a cam device on the down rope so in searching the many friction hitches I settled on a Bachman. It is kind of like the Kleimheist but with a utility biner wrapped up along side of the down rope. It grabs nicely when loaded; slides easy to advance and it even slides down the rope when descending as the Blake’s Hitch pushes it down.
I am not completely down with another version but covet your thoughts about this: We all know just how easy the Blake’s is to use so why not use it on the down rope also. Using a traditional doubled-rope tie in then you have the other end of the rope just laying on the ground. Seeing how most students’ hands are soft as butter they could use a larger grip on the down rope along with a foot loop. So how does this sound? Tie a figure eight to use as a handle near the bitter end of the down rope with enough tail for another Blake’s; where you would normally attached the foot loop with a Prussic tie on with the second Blake’s; further along below the F8 tie a Butterfly large enough for a foot.

To use you would stand in the loop, pull down holding on the F8 and the lower Blake’s concentrates all of your pull on the down rope with an easy grip-hold-stand. This eliminates the need for the accessory cord, biner, cam etc.

If you want to add hardware then a 17” sewn runner comes in handy. I was stung by a bee in the middle of my palm so needless to say I had a useless hand and zero grip. I used the runner tied to the down rope using a Kleimheist and then looped the runner around the back of my bum hand. By making a loose fist I could pull down with almost zero grip. For the next cycle I could advance the runner with my other hand and was able to climb just about one handed.

See you at the top,

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14 years 10 months ago #133967 by nickfromwi
Replied by nickfromwi on topic Re: foot loop versions
I've been experimenting with some spliced versions similar to the sewn ones TCI has. I'm refining the recipe right now, but I think it'll work out perfectly for this application.

I learned the bachman many, many years ago. I've never used it though (other than just putzing around with it). This seems like it might be a good place for it.


Would you like a lanyard spliced up, or anything else for that matter??? Give me a call- 323-384-7770 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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