Emergency Rescue Harness

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15 years 1 day ago #133809 by chagahunter
Emergency Rescue Harness was created by chagahunter
The civilizing influence in my life pointed out to me that if I am going to teach our children to climb with my equipment, I ought to have additional equipment to get myself up into the tree to help them if they need it. Obviously she has a valid concern for their well being. Eventually, I will purchase another set of climbing gear.

However, my son is home for three weeks before starting summer school and he wants a second lesson in climbing now, before I have purchased additional equuiment. How can I say no? But how can I get permission from his mother without having purchased an additional rope, helmet and saddle? Jeff Jepson's Tree Climber's Companion, 2nd Edition, page 89, comes to my rescue!

Another excellent mid-line knot is the Bowline on a Bight - a variation of the Bowline. It is perhaps one of the first climbing harnesses professional tree climbers used. It still makes a satisfactory emergency harness for work or rescue by inserting a leg in each loop.

I love a good challenge and so, after sending junior up to a modest 30 foot anchor, I tied two BOABs at the other end of my 150 foot rope, put my two legs through loops and put the other two loops over my head and around my chest, and voila, I was able to climb with my son without stressing out his mother.

It was most uncomfortable, but it got me up to a 20 foot anchor where I could supervise, help and take a photo for him to post on his Facebook wall.

Happy climbing!

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15 years 1 day ago #133813 by canopyboy
Replied by canopyboy on topic Re:Emergency Rescue Harness
Ouch! I tried something like that once, and it hurt! On Rope has some additional ideas on emergency/rope harnesses. Some of them look a little more comfortable and less likely to cut off circulation.

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