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15 years 2 months ago - 15 years 2 months ago #133402 by TreeTramp
Corgi on Rope was created by TreeTramp
Note: no animal was harmed in the production of this slideshow; all names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Over at TreeBuzz there are many threads showing the advantages of a self-advancing friction hitches; adjustable bridges; eye-eye cord bent ways I have never seen before. They all were just fuel for the fire for my investigation of \"Why Not!\".

Long time ago I set up a two CMI ascender system with the anchor point up over the limb and connected to the top ascender. As you climbed the down rope the up rope pull you up as well as advancing the top CMI ascender. Then I replaced the CMI with an USHBA and it runs like butter. A little pricey but heh titianum is a guys best friend.

The prusic minding pulley aka slack tender aka love me tender aka key chain biner can be used secured directly below the Blake's Hitch and thru an oval biner that holds the pulley tight and secures the up rope. You pull down and the system advances the Blake's Hitch with almost zero loss. Tickle the hitch to descend just as before. You will attach your saddle to the oval biner with a pre-tied loop runner made of hollow tubular webbing. Mine is 17\" long which places the Blake's Hitch at no higher than my nose. This \"smelling the Blake's Hitch is the prefect length so when you are climbing in a sitting position you can reach the Blake's Hitch to descend.

It is easy to change a loop runners length for every size climber to make the system tuned to every climbers size.

Instead of photograpghing an empty saddle I thought you all would get a chuckle out of seeing my Corgi's harness for tree climbing. Penny will come over on her own and stand on top of her harness when I lay it out. I guess if I had to chase her
around and wrestle with her to get it that might show her reluctance.

Here is Penny hanging around in the basement on a slushy Saturday:

Your harness is attached to the biner that is holding the micro-pulley just under your Blake's Hitch. The pulley is placed with its cheeks closed between two of the loops of a grith hitch. This makes the Bridge 2\" long and can be adjusted so it is always as high as you can go and still reach the top to descend.

A closer view:

For more go to the flickr site at:

See you at the top,
Dan House
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15 years 1 month ago #133533 by charlieb
Replied by charlieb on topic Re:Corgi on Rope
This is the slickest invention since Sliced Bread!! --ok, maybe only since the Blake's Hitch itself. :)
Really this works fantastic! Everyone should try it.
It's much easier on the arms and less coordination is needed, so kids can learn to climb Drt much quicker. You can also almost walk up the rope even without hands. The tended hitch almost wants to go up by itself once you have some forward momentum going because of your body weight pulling upward.
If you'd like to leave your rope setup in the tree, you simply unhook your web leader and come back at another time and simply re-attach your saddle to the girthed carabiner and go, go, go.
And of course you still have all the proven benefits of the Blake's hitch.
We all need to try this, and if you agree, tell as many as possible.
I can't emphasize enough :woohoo: how great this is!!!!

Safe climbin.
Charlie Brown.

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15 years 1 month ago #133538 by oldtimer
Replied by oldtimer on topic Re:Corgi on Rope
Hey Dan that is a great idea completely self advancing knot.
You always come with nice, practical ideas fro us less creative types. Any new inventions on your throwing tools?????

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