knots for webbing tape

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17 years 10 months ago - 17 years 10 months ago #123969 by redpanda
knots for webbing tape was created by redpanda
OK, I'd be interested in some input from you'z all about a quandarous question that doesnt get answered to well in the literature...what knots are good for webbing tape?

Some texts seem to say that only the water (rethreaded overhand bend) and the beer knot are acceptable....but we want more than just boring old circular loops!

I've also used alpine butterflies, the 8s and 9s as loops and bends, and barrel knots.
Does anybody have any comments on avoiding or using any particular knots? I guess one of the confusions I see is that an 8 should be a better bend than an overhand, but the tape knot is always the recommended knot.
Any input would be appreciated.

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