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9 years 10 months ago - 9 years 10 months ago #136879 by beochie
newb help...need advice was created by beochie
Hello, I'm new here. I'm from SW Michigan and I'm looking into tree climbing recreationally. I first stumbled onto tree climbing because I was looking into harnesses for bow hunting. There is a growing interest to get away from back attached fall restrain and go with a more rock climbing style harness(front mount).

Anyway, after getting a couple tree stands stolen, having a few 100+yr old oaks on my property I'd love to climb, and needing a little arborist work done, rope tree climbing is looking really appealing.

I have a bunch of question...I'm suffering from info overload.
1. is it practical to climb a rope a hunting spot? or would I be sweating my butt off by the time I got up to my stand?

2.I was thinking SRT, rope wrench, frog or haas, Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness. would be the easiest way to get up in a tree.. thoughts?

I'm newby lost, I just want to get up in my trees fast and easy...any help would be greatly appreciated.
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9 years 10 months ago #136882 by moss
Replied by moss on topic newb help...need advice
Yep it is practical to ascend a tree by rope to get to a tree stand, very practical and a versatile and safe way to get into a tree. Take a look at New Tribe's offerings, I believe they have some gear designed for hunting from a tree stand. Their harnesses in general are very comfortable. For any harness you are considering look at the leg straps, if they look skimpy (think rock harness) they will be very uncomfortable for tree climbing. In tree climbing you spend significantly more time with your weight on the harness compared to say rock climbing where the harness is just there to catch you if you fall.

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9 years 10 months ago - 9 years 10 months ago #136893 by bradypus
Replied by bradypus on topic newb help...need advice
Hello :)

SRT needs a good anchor at the base of the tree, wich is not easyer to install than a DdRT system.

Hicth climber pulley, a good friction rope, foot blocker + HAAS, New Tribe Aero saddle and of course a good arborist rope like a Poison Ivy, that's to me a great combo. But clearly as you'll climb once and then stand for hours so i don't think that you really need an HAAS or even a foot ascender. Take a hand ascender or a basic ascender, put two webbings under it and there you go, you got a 2 feet ascender. Simple and effective.

But having the right gear wont make you practice the right climb. Friction hitches can be done in various ways, some will feat your needs (depending on your ropes and weight) some wont. So getting to a tree climbing club to enjoy a course would be a great help for your ease of practice and above all your safety.
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