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5 years 11 months ago #138098 by mariasmile509
Improved results with 2.2 was created by mariasmile509
I've been experimenting with various type of throwlines and different weight throwbags, from the ever reliable Slickline to the dental floss known as Zing-It 1.75 mm. Up until today I 've been getting my best height and accuracy using 1.75 mm with a 12 oz throwbag. The downside is that the 1.75 mm line gets grabbed by bark easily and is rough on the hands during a long rope pull.

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5 years 3 months ago #138267 by Tree Spider
Replied by Tree Spider on topic Improved results with 2.2
I haven't tried many different throw line options yet, and certainly none of the purpose built ones. One reason is I haven't tried throwing to any branches over 30 feet yet....once I aim higher, I'm sure the cost will be more worth it. The one factor that seems to consistently help is to let so much line pay out that once the weight flies past the limb, I want it to free fall...which seems to have good energy to pull the line. By contrast, when I only have the weight bonk the limb and then flop over, it barely falls, and has little to no energy to pull. It was very counterintuitive trying to learn to not hold the rest of the line with my non throwing hand. I had to learn to tie the end to my throw bag.

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