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11 years 10 months ago #135849 by TreeTramp
Gear Innovation was created by TreeTramp
August 13, 2012

To whom it may concern: sui generis laws

This may read a little weird but it seems that we all share the same fascination with new gear that makes tall tasks just a bit easier. Granted some things like the wheel are never re-invented they just got better by adding just one more tweak.

I love the efficiency improvements like the self-advancing friction hitch, the Uni-cender, the Rope Wrench and now the Hitch Hiker. With today’s hi-tech cords braided around your climbing line it renders the old reliable Blake’s Hitch to be laid alongside the buggy whip and pager.

So here is my dilemma; I showed off a few of my “devices” at this year’s ITCC in Portland and have learned that there are copy cats planning to hijack them and go to market. It seems that proprietary industrial design rights can be established a few ways. I have mailed statements with photos via certified mail to myself and will be left unopened to provide documented proof with a date guaranteed by the United States Postal Service. I am also posting statements in many publicly viewed forums to the effect that I am the source and creator of these devices with an open request to all people that read them to comment either their consent or denial of my claims. In a public forum we can debate the viability of any competing claim.

The items in question that I am trying to preserve sole ownership rights to are:

1. Plastic coated flexible metal electrical conduit used in any way to protect the cambium layer.

2. Lead shot projectile permanently attached to a single latex rubber tube used to launch a pilot line.

3. Single latex rubber tube attached to a pole with an open hook on one end used to launch a lead shot projectile.

4. Hand held pipe with a forearm guard used to launch the lead shot projectiles.

By taking the time to state your opinion either yes or no it starts precedence whenever it may be needed. The first ten that post a valid and concise reply get their choice of rope sleeves as my gift.

Thanks for your participation and see you at the top,
Dan House at Tree Climbing Kansas City

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11 years 9 months ago #135863 by 2chops
Replied by 2chops on topic Re:Gear Innovation
I wish you all the best with your design protection. If I remember michaelspragon ran into a similar issue with his yella grapnel. He wisely got all his ducks lined up in a row with his new ascender before going public with it. Keep us posted on how you make out.


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