Nikosi saddle from New Tribe - Reviews? Opinions?

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13 years 6 months ago - 13 years 6 months ago #135090 by greenluck
Some photos of my not-so-new-anymore Nikosi.

The saddle was broken in a little and has become slightly more comfortable. I highly recommend using the method described before to tie into to the saddle for max comfort and efficiency (Using the leg bridge D to attach the friction hitch and the top bridge D for the other end.). Using this method also eliminates the need for the hitch climber pulley as noted on other forums.

The gear gaps gave me a great place to place 2 Mad Rock bent wire gate carabiners (the red ones). To be honest I use these more than the gear loops. More metal I know, but they are so damn convenient. Plus you can flip them back out of the way when not using them.

I'm still debating on cutting off the 2 metal snaps near the side Ds. They seem unnecessary and little heavy but I will wait to commit.

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