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  • DVD: "Tree Climbing Basics"

DVD: "Tree Climbing Basics"

DVD: "Tree Climbing Basics"
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For recreational climbers: The Tree Climber's Companion--2nd edition by Jeff Jepson
For tree workers: All 4 Jepson books (package price)
Book: The Art and Science of Practical Rigging

For anyone who wants to climb — it’s easy if you have good training! Your teacher is Peter “Treeman” Jenkins, the “father” of recreational tree climbing and an ISA-certified arborist and former production climber. In this video, Treeman shows how you, too, can get high in the treetops using doubled-rope technique (now known as the moving rope system [MRS]). Contains detailed chapters about safety, tree selection and risk assessment in trees, gear, setting ropes and knot tying, climbing technique, and forest ethics. Run time: 1 hour 45 min. Available in hard copy or via download.

Tree workers: This DVD is also appropriate for you. The climbing system used by recreational climbers is the same system used by climbing arborists in day-to-day tree care.

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