Introductory Climbs

Mother and daughter

DSCF0522Recreational tree climbing is an activity that immediately brings every climber "back to nature." Once you're hooked onto a rope with a saddle around your waist and a helmet on your head, the world slows down. You begin to relax as you go aloft, and lo and behold, you're feeling like a new person! Suddenly you might be seeing your climbing tree with different eyes, and you'll never look at a tree the same way again. You might be smelling the fragrance of a recent summer rain, or hearing the wake-up calls of birds looking for mates or protecting their young. No matter how "old" you are, you'll find that tree climbing is a safe and unusual way to spend an afternoon!

TCI is no longer hosting introductory climbs. However, we can recommend others who are trained by us or another TCI instructor to run these events safely. Please contact us for more information.