TCI Facilitator Program

Facilitated ClimbHere's a facilitator-to-be running his
first tree climbing event.
Tree climbing facilitators are people who are extensively trained to run beginners' tree climbing events. Many people enroll in the TCI Facilitator Program in order to open their own tree climbing "grove" (school). Facilitators lead many different types of group events. They set up the tree with multiple climbing stations, orient the group and give a climbing demonstration, and then help others to experience the joys of tree climbing for themselves.

Becoming a facilitator requires expertise in basic tree climbing techniques. It also takes patience, skill, and experience to safely manage many people in a tree all at once.

In the five-day TCI Facilitator Course, the first component of our Facilitator Program, students learn all the standards for a safe tree-climbing experience for beginners, as well as how to work with groups. In addition, their training includes:

  • Learning and practicing detailed single-pitch rescue procedures;
  • Learning how to rig the "super system," a special climbing system for people who are not able to use the standard DRT system;
  • Learning how to establish and run a tree climbing business; and
  • Participating in at least two group climbing events while they are here. During the first, they become familiar with procedures by watching how we manage an event; then they run a group climb themselves under our supervision.

Facilitator Course students must pass a climbing skills test in addition to successfully completing the course before they can enter the Facilitator Internship, the second component of our Program.

During the Facilitator Internship (completed at home), students follow the standards and guidelines of Tree Climbers International as they gain experience running group climbing events. This way, when they finish their requirements and graduate from our program, we know that they are well-prepared and ready to put others "on rope" safely.

Note: Graduation from the TCI Facilitator Program does not qualify facilitators to teach a basic tree climbing course; this requires more extensive training and a higher level of skill and experience than people at the Facilitator level generally have acquired. Students learn to teach the BTCC in the TCI Instructor Program.

Program requirements: The Basic Tree Climbing Course (or an instructor-approved equivalent), current CPR certification and first aid training (can be completed after the course), and lots of climbing experience.

Cost: $800.00

Course Location: Most of the course is taught at the TCI Clubhouse.

Contact us for scheduling and other information.

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