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TOPIC: Flipline hitch/Becket bend: OK w/ non-steel core?

Flipline hitch/Becket bend: OK w/ non-steel core? 11 years 2 weeks ago #131047

Is the Flipline hitch or Becket bend acceptable for use with non-steel core fliplines/lanyards?

I see the hitch/bend illustrated in \"The Tree Climber's Companion\", by Jepson, p. 39, Second Edition, documented as useful for steel core fliplines.

My goals are to reduce overall complexity and weight of gear, and leverage my harness' side D's. I'm climbing with New England's Fly as my personal lanyard. I have life-supporting side D's on my Petzl Navaho Vario harness. I tested the hitch/bend, on the ground, with a 2-foot tail, terminating in a double-fisheman's stopper knot. It seems manageable and secure. What's the concensus? Is it discussed in more detail in another book? Does it put too much twist in the rope?

Your recommendations are taken to heart and deeply appreciated. Thanks.
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Re:Flipline hitch/Becket bend: OK w/ non-steel cor 11 years 2 weeks ago #131049

I've been climbing for 30 years and have only seen one climber use a becket. He used a steel core lanyard.

You'll find that an adjustable lanyard is much easier and secure.

Here's the way that I set mine up.

Thread the tail of the lanyard through the side d-ring. Tie on a closed friction hitch, my fav is a distel on the front side of the d-ring using some smaller cord. Terminate the ends of the FH onto the d-ring. By adjusting the tails of the FH [the part between the FH and scaffold hitch] as short as possible the d-ring becomes a slacktender. You can grab the end of the lanyard rope and pull to snug up the lanyard using only one hand. you'll be able to slack off using one hand too.

Be sure to tie a stopper knot in the end of your lanyard so that you don't slack yourself off the lanyard.
Strong limbs and single ropes!
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Re:Flipline hitch/Becket bend: OK w/ non-steel cor 11 years 2 weeks ago #131064

Your solution sounds interesting, Tom. :unsure: However, I'm not fully understanding how to position the closed friction hitch on the side D so that the D accomplishes the slack tending task. I couldn't find reference immediately to the \"advanced hitch\", though I found the \"scaffold hitch\". Are the four- or six-coil prusik loops considered advanced hitches? Am I understanding correctly that the friction hitch is mounted on the side D by means of the scaffold hitch? If at all possible, would you be able to post a picture? In any case, your response is much appreciated. I'll explore the possibilities low and slow, stopper knot included. Thanks again!
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