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TOPIC: Chest Harness / Suspenders ??

Chest Harness / Suspenders ?? 1 year 1 month ago #137898

While rope ascending, ( when sitting back to take a breather, to be more accurate ) I feel like I can't sit up easily, without putting my arm around the rope. I do have a bit of a beer gut, so I'm sure that influences this. The most comfortable thing I've come up with so far is a crude chest harness. This is just one length of webbing that wraps around my chest horizontally. I have a mini biner on the end of a non ratcheting cam buckle....allows me to slide the biner out to clip something, then adjust it in to hold me as upright as I wish. Also, I occasionally wear a pair of military Y suspenders, to keep my gear heavy harness from falling.

I may integrate the two. Does anybody else here have some method to help them stay upright ? Or suggestions what I may try to do differently in my ascending method ?

I'll try to update with pics soon.
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Chest Harness / Suspenders ?? 1 year 1 month ago #137899



Wow ! Sorry for the poor quality of the pics ! They were taken using my "older" cell phone camera....should be able to get better pics with my newer one.
In pic 1, with the cheesy " don't know how else to pose, so thumbs up ", there's a little bit of a look at the 'chest harness'. As already described, it is a strap of 2" webbing, which, as it lies on top of foam, is only held on by crude belt loops of plastic zip ties. This does allow, ( unintentionally ) for the webbing to slide up off the top edge...I need to improve it, and mate the two better. It also shows the sliding buckle, clipped to the biner which is attached to my shunt, ( waist ascender ). It often seems more clumsy to have it clipped while ascending, so I unclip it while ascending, and just clip the end of the buckle off to the side.

It also shows the foam I added to the leg loops of my rock climbing harness. Again, just layed behind the manufacturers leg loops, then held in place by zip tie belt loops.

Side note...I may have mentioned the use of these cam buckles before for foot loops. In the 'thumbs up' pic, you can see my homemade stitched 7 mil prusik loop, ( my foot ascender), into which is clipped the cam buckle. This allows easy adjustment of the length of the foot loops. If you just take the buckle and lace the strap through, and then clip anywhere into that loop, it rotates annoyingly freely while ya have to hold it still to adjust it. Luckily, right behind the buckle there's a gap just big enough to clip a mini biner into ! Keeps it oriented just right.

Second side note ! I mentioned before that I have a couple of small side bags, ( or I alluded to them ) with which I carry some smaller accessory items, trying to keep organized. The greyish camera bag is one of them...I'll remember to get some better pics of that and my other one, and update that "organizing" post I put up a while ago.
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