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TOPIC: Homemade harness

Homemade harness 1 year 8 months ago #137730

As I began using a rock climbing harness, but wanting to eventually have a more purpose built one, I recently came to an idea of how to make one, inspired by Matt Cornell's saddle. As I hope are clear enough in the pic, it's design is of a rope at the waist, which has screw links tied at either end with a tape knot. Leg loops are the rope tape knotted around the leg. The rope bridge travels through the waist rings, and connects at the leg loops by being tape knotted to screw links, which allow it to move freely. Being constructed all of knots, it will be very adjustable ! The smaller camo rope, also at the waist, is purely there as a tightener has nothing to do with the support. There are paracord ties in the back, going from the waist to the leg loops....I call them rear leg loop suspenders. The rope is the same I climb on, seeing as I bought 150 feet, and won't probably even need 100 of it anytime soon. It's Petzl's vector, 11 mm, I think. The grey foam padding, ( double layer ) is anti fatigue floor mat, from Harbor Freight.

I've only done a few short rope ascents on it, to get all adjustments dialed in. It is Lazy Boy comfy ! This particular foam is a little rubbery / grippy, so it doesn't slide over my pant legs very smoothly. I'll have to put a layer of some nylon over it. The foam at the waist and legs is a little excessively wide still, and I may trim it a little narrower. I don't know if I could describe this very well, but just as I saw in youtube vids of Matt's harness, this does allow me to smoothly rotate. I don't see any sign of the knots and screw links "interacting" in any way that could cause problems, but will be keeping a keen eye on it.

I don't have any side D's on it yet. I am not planning on using the current waist rings in this fashion only because I wonder if the pull would be more on the waist, and not pulling on the legs together.

So far so good ! Very comfy ! Cost ? I already had the rope, but if I didn't, I figured that with the amount of excess length I cut, it came to app 30 feet. $10 for the foam matt. App $6 for the screw links.
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Homemade harness 1 year 8 months ago #137731

Duurp ! This reminds me...I mentioned a way back that I was working on gear loop ideas ! I've made some, with paracord and semi stiff plastic tube. I've been using them on my old harness, and have also made some on this new one. They work great ! I'll make sure to get a pic of those up soon !
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Homemade harness 1 year 8 months ago #137732

  • Greenluck
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Very interesting. How are the ropes secured to the padding? Zipties? Paracord?

I would consider tapering the belt padding to trim some weight and make it more streamline. I would also consider making the leg pads diamond shaped (like New Tribe) for the same reason.

It's always fun to fly on something homemade if possible. Just be careful and fly low to start.

Don't be afraid to post more pictures of your masterpiece. The better members can view it the more advice you will probably receive.
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Homemade harness 1 year 8 months ago #137733

There are zip ties acting as belt loops. They are loose enough to allow the rope to slide back and forth a little for adjusting. As zip ties can tighten 'accidentally', I'll probably switch to something else. For instance, on the waist, where the I have the side rings, I have shock cord instead. Two reasons; I can untie it, and I can also pass excess rope through it, to keep it from dangling.
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Homemade harness 1 year 8 months ago #137734

  • moss
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That's pretty cool, likewise looking forward to seeing how you solve whatever issues come up as you climb on it. Tree Motion harness uses cord inside plastic tubing for gear loops. I think side-D's are not needed, they're useful for a working climber chunking down a tree on spurs, otherwise not so much.
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Homemade harness 1 year 2 weeks ago #137903

I was just thinking about doing this. I have a Matt Cornell. . . so I can actually look at it. I may make one out of webbing. 3" load strap for the back support. The local farmer supply store has belts for hay bailers. That may not be as comfortable. For stitching a belt there used to bean old time cobbler (shoe repairman) not too far away but he's not in business anymore. I remember that he had the sewing machine to stitch soles together. That would cover any webbing/belt material. Find a belt buckle at a fabric store. Cool thing is all that stuff is mostly for comfort, the rope does the work.
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