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TOPIC: Choice of rope for Prusik loop and double-ended lanyard

Choice of rope for Prusik loop and double-ended lanyard 2 years 10 months ago #137512

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Hi all,
My climbing line is 11mm New England Dragonfly. I bought some PMI 8mm accessory line from REI to make a Prusik loop and a foot loop for climbing the line. I'm curious what you all use for the main line of a double-ended lanyard used for ALT. While I doubt that I will have a 70' run that will require all of my 150' of Dragonfly line, I am reluctant to cut 20' of that for the lanyard. The Tree Climber's Companion says the line used for a Prusik loop should be of smaller diameter than the line it is hitched to - hence the 8mm accessory line.


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Choice of rope for Prusik loop and double-ended lanyard 2 years 9 months ago #137541

  • StihlHusqy
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I currently own a 200ft length of main 1/2" climb line and i doubt i'll use the full 200' anytime soon but i didn't want to cut it either. Some tree gear sites offer remnants of pre-cut line left overs, some already with sewn/spliced eyes. Although at this time i currently only purchase from TreeStuff, Wespur has a link on their webpage to purchase assorted sizes of leftover lengths of rope (updated quite frequently) that could be purchased pretty cheap instead of cutting your main line.You could easily find a -50ft length of many type rope there instead of cutting into your main climb line.

I myself ordered a seperate 40ft length of NE Ultra-Vee 1/2" from TS with aluminum snaps and a couple different 8mm prusiks for it to create a custom long lanyard/secondary climb line but i think i'll be buying some 10mm prusiks for the 1/2". I haven't run 11mm yet but i'd think that 8mm access cord would be good for a hitch, you are correct when you mentioned the smaller prusik diameter than the main line. I'm not sure if it applies in this situation but i think it's recommended that the prusik cord be of different brand/make than the rope it's being attached to. I guess it would all be trial & error testing different types of rope together, or you could ask for a recommendation of rope from whatever company you desire to purchase from. I know many have climbers ready to answer any question you may have, i've always had great service when asking any question i've had. TreeStuff, as well as others, also give you the opportunity to buy rope buy the foot also along with the choice of having sewn or spliced eyes with or without snaps and other gear attached for a little more $.

I actually got lucky in a way, i ordered 1 40ft length but it came without the ISC snaps i requested and since it was already spliced on both ends they sent another new lanyard with the snaps this time to make up for the mistake! I love TS!

Good luck & climb safe!
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Choice of rope for Prusik loop and double-ended lanyard 2 years 3 months ago #137607

  • Oldtown138
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My two favorite hitch cord materials for my double ended double adjusting lanyard is the 8mm ultra tech sewn eye to eye and the 8mm AmorPrus sewn eye to eye tied with a schwabisch friction hitch. I believe I use 24" eye to eyes. The length of your cord will depend on the diameter of the cord. If the legs of the hitch are too long then you will not be able to capture as much rope, causing too much sit back. You could add extra wraps to your hitch, however it could make breaking the hitch too difficult. Hope this helps.

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