Carabiners, Screw Links, and Snaps

Carabiners come in different shapes and sizes, and are used for a number of purposes, from life-support connections to hauling gear and attaching items to your saddle.

Use only double action auto-locking carabiners for main (life support) tie-ins to your saddle where your weight is being supported. A double action auto-locking carabiner requires you to make two distinct moves to open the gate. This provides the best safety protection of any type of carabiner because it cannot be opened accidentally.

Screw links are primarily used as life support tie-ins. They come in different shapes: delta, pear, and oval. The delta-shaped ones are used specifically to connect the three life-support connections on some New Tribe saddles. Whatever type of screw link you use, make sure it is rated for 5,000-pound tensile strength. Buy ones that are made in France and stamped with the name “Mallion Rapide”. The screw links that are not stamped are made in China with a softer, inferior metal; the threads are easily damaged.

Bent-gate and other non-locking carabiners are great for hanging gear off your harness. Get different colored ones for color coding and brightening up your gear rack. But be careful! The gates can open easily and without warning. Never use them for life support!

ball lock carabinerBall-lock carabiner       bent gate carabinerBent-gate carabiner       delta screw linkDelta screw       link


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