TCI Mission Statement

TCI logoTree Climbers International, Inc. promotes tree climbing as a safe recreational activity suitable for people of all ages.

Our goals are to:

  • Discover and promote technical tree climbing techniques that are safe for people and do no harm to trees.
  • Provide qualified tree climbing instruction by highly-trained instructors.
  • Produce and distribute educational and inspiring publications to promote safe recreational tree climbing.
  • Create climbing chapters (or "groves" ) in every city, town, or hamlet worldwide.
  • Hold periodic regional, national, and international tree climbing gatherings.
  • Create a communication network of tree climbing enthusiasts through our website, publications, and social media.
  • Locate and secure access to climbing trees suitable for recreational climbing.
  • Promote respect and responsibility towards trees and the natural environment.
  • Have fun exploring the high canopy while sharing adventures with like-minded people.

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