TCI Instructor Program

The TCI Instructor Program creates professional recreational tree climbers who are prepared to teach the TCI Basic Tree Climbing Course (DRT). Students are required to be experienced and skilled tree climbers who have climbed in a wide variety of settings. Other prerequisites include successful completion of the TCI Facilitator Program, which has its own set of prerequisites.)

Peter high in pine.JPG In the Instructor Program, students learn how to teach tree climbing to people who come to their training with unique questions, issues, and experience. Under the supervision of your instructor, you will teach modules of the BTCC to new students in several courses until you are ready to teach the entire course yourself. You will review single-pitch rescue techniques taught in previous courses  and learn how to perform multi-pitch rescues. 

The TCI Instructor Program is taught by Tim Kovar of Tree Climbing Planet.

By advance reservation only. Please contact us for details.

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