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(Updated: May 14, 2010)
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Kids version of this is really super

Got the children's version of this harness for my daughter. I believe this review to be on topic because it looks identical.
She was four at the time, I think. She only had one frustrating attempt at the technique of climbing. By her second time she was throwing the knot and making progress. Now she's six and she climbs in comfort with this saddle, and she's good at it. You have to add your own screw link to the kid's saddle, if I remember correctly. I used a triangle screw link.

I adjusted the distance (made it longer) to the friction knot by adding a steel oval link between the factory D ring and the carabiner with the Schwab. Those xtra couple of inches are just right. Any kind of rope bridge is way too long.

She climbs with me now and again, and never once has complained of any discomfort. I purchased the XS size. I believe it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $120. Money well spent. Me and my little one enjoy great days outside together, climbing in safety and comfort. I use a blue tenex eye-to-eye made into a Schwabisch prusik for her, and Safety-Pro climbing line. I find it this to be a most grippy combination, totally stable with no chance of unwanted slippage under any circumstances. Yet still easy to back down.



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