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ISC "Gecko" Locking Carabiner Pending Moderation
Carabiners, Screw Links, and Snaps
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ISC "Gator" - Good biner but it damaged my rope sn

Just know that, because of the "knife edge" shape these biners have, one did find its way under the safety plate of my rope snap (only on one side) and pried and bent it. Completely away from the little metal protrusion that's supposed to keep it snapped! I don't know if the larger sizes have a thicker edge, but my Gator and my steel rope snap got into a tussle.

Of course it was during a difficult job where I was double crotching and reaching and twisting far out on a limb, and I wasn't paying attention to the way the biner and rope snap were interacting. The rope snap scratched the Gator up a bit but no real harm done.

So I though that was worth mentioning. I use a rope snap instead of 2 biners when I do a split tail climb because sometimes 2 biners can get "inside each other", but I never had a probem with a snap entangling on a biner. Until now. So I switched this ISC biner out and now I'm using something much rounder and fatter that cannot get under the rope snap edge.

But it's still a cool biner cause it's compact, strong, colorful, and has a very positive action and feel.



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