Treetop Cat and Drone Rescue

"My cat is stuck in a tree!"

It's not unusual for us to get a call from a frantic pet owner: "My poor cat is way up in a tree! The Fire Department won't help us. Can you get it down?"

We understand that you're upset. And most of the time, we can help you. Over the years, we have gladly rescued many cats from the treetops. If the tree is large enough and safe to climb, we'll hang a rope, climb up to get the cat, and lower it down in a bag specifically designed for scared kittycats. It often takes a while to get the job done, but we're usually successful.

  • Hollering for help

    This cat knows it wants to come down!

  • This cat appears very relaxed...

    This cat appears very relaxed...

  • Catrescue7

    ...until it's face-to-face with its rescuer.

Did you know that cats in trees have many personalities? Above all, they are unpredictable, and most of the time they are very different than their normally sweet and loving selves. Their reaction to the approach of a human defines their treetop character.

"Sitters" wait for you to climb up to get them.

"Greeters" climb down to you as you're climbing up.

"Runners" go further out on the branch to get away.

"Pissers" start spraying to keep you away.

"Jumpers" leap from the tree when you get close.

It's pretty stressful to have to learn who your cat is when it's high up in the treetops.

Many people think they can rescue a cat themselves by propping a ladder against a tree and going up to to get it. Please don't try this — it's dangerous! What will you do if the cat walks out on a branch beyond your reach or climbs higher into the tree? Are you willing to take a chance on a ladder falling over with you on it or someone you know underneath it? The cat is safer coming down on its own.

"My drone is stuck in a tree!"

Drone rescueHere's Treeman high in a pine tree using a hook on a long fiberglass pole to snag a drone.

The latest job for tree climbers is getting a drone out of a tree. The owner might be a professional film maker or someone who's just flying one for the first time. No matter. It will take an experienced climber to get that drone down before the weather destroys it.

The same rules apply as those for a cat rescue. Please don't try to get the drone yourself. It can be a very delicate operation, one you should not undertake.

Call us to rescue your cat or your drone! If we can't do it, we can probably refer you to someone who can.


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