Aerial Rescue for Arborists

Any emergency situation in a tree could become the one in which you save someone’s life. Performing an aerial rescue is not difficult, but knowing how to do it right is an essential skill on every job site.

  • Prerequisite

    Must be able to climb with rope.

  • Length of Program

    1 day. Taught year-round.

  • Maximum Class Size

    3 students

  • Cost


This class requires that students be within three feet of each other to practice the techniques.  Due to Covid-19, we cannot teach it until we are assured that our students will be safe.  We will announce here when we are ready to resume this training.  Please check back or give us a call.


Rescue courseIn this one-day class, climbers will learn how to prepare for and perform simple and complex aerial rescues safely and efficiently, following well-established rescue protocols and procedures. Repetition is the building block of success. You will practice low-to-the-ground rescue techniques as many times as necessary until you have the procedures locked into “muscle memory.” When you understand and can perform the basic steps involved in each type of rescue, you will be well equipped to improvise and handle most rescue emergencies.

This class is also appropriate for recreational climbers.

Class Schedule (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)



Class introduction
Rescue Quiz review
Start of practical training



Practical training: Each student will play the roles of rescuer, victim, and prompter/ground support following written simple and complex rescue scripts (protocols) in numerous practice sessions.

  • Scheduling & Cancellation

    TCI's Aerial Rescue class is scheduled upon request. We can teach in hot or cold weather, rain or shine. Call us to see what's possible. A minimum of two students is required for a class to be confirmed. 


    The success of each TCI class depends upon every student's participation. We register a maximum of only three students per course, and we do not overbook. If you don’t show up, your absence has a major impact on us and the other students in the class.

    With that in mind, TCI has the following cancellation policy: If you need to cancel, you must call us at least three weeks ahead of time. (However, we prefer to know as soon as you know.) If you can send someone else in your place, we will refund your entire tuition. If not, we will refund your tuition minus a $50 cancellation charge.

    If you cancel fewer than three weeks ahead of time, you will forfeit your entire tuition. In the event of a health or family emergency (for which we may require documentation), we will refund your tuition deposit minus a $50 cancellation fee.

    TCI reserves the right to deny future program participation to students who cancel without adequate notice.

  • Course Instructor

    TreemanPeter Jenkins, the founder of TCI, is an ISA-Certified Arborist with 25 years of accident-free production climbing experience. He has also been teaching tree workers and recreational tree climbers at all skill levels for over 30 years, with no accidents to date. Peter no longer climbs for a living. In addition to teaching, he now performs residential tree inspections for health and risk as a Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) tree inspector.

  • Course Materials

    When you register for class, you will be emailed a detailed article that you must read prior to class. Because we want to make sure you are familiar with the material before you learn the practical techniques, you will also take a written multiple-choice quiz based on the material before attending class. Bring your answers with you. Quizzes will be corrected onsite. Other course materials will be distributed during class.

  • Gear

    Please bring your own saddle and helmet. TCI will provide the rest of the gear required for training. At the class, you will receive discount coupons for the Aerial Rescue Gear Kit put together by TCI and sold by and for pick-off straps sold by OnRope1.

  • Course Graduation

    To pass this course, you must have read the short Manual and passed the quiz. You also must be able to perform a simple and a complex rescue safely and efficiently, without guidance and according to the rescue protocols. Students will receive a “Certificate of Graduation” following course completion.

  • ISA CEUs

    The following ISA CEUs are available for this course: BCMA Practice: 2.75, Management 3.75, Climber Specialist: 6.5, Certified Arborist: 6.5, Municipal Specialist: 3.75; Aerial Lift: 6.5

  • See for yourself!

    Here are some photos of an aerial rescue class.

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