The TCI Clubhouse

hostel fall 2009All TCI students are welcome to stay at the TCI Clubhouse when you come to Atlanta for a TCI class or event. We call it your "home while you're here." It's a lovely little house that we have furnished modestly and comfortably for our students and guests. With two bedrooms and one bathroom, it can accommodate up to five people. Some parts of our courses are taught in its large teaching room; this makes it easy to take breaks and meals during course sessions without too much interruption.

"Echo," the 53-inch DBH red oak (on the right), and "Iris," the 24-inch DBH sugar maple (in the center) grace our front yard. Lots of other big and beautiful pines, oaks, and poplars in the back provide excellent views of the Atlanta skyline during a night climb. (Yes, you can have that adventure if you want to!) There's also a quiet patio sitting area in the back for relaxing before class or at day's end. There are always plenty of birds around; if you're staying at the right time of year, you might see or hear great horned, barred and Eastern screech owls, pileated and other woodpeckers, a variety of warblers, and even sandhill cranes as they pass through during spring and fall migration.

We  provide bed linens and towels. The kitchen is fully equipped for cooking, and there are several grocery stores within easy walking distance. There is also a variety of restaurants nearby when you want to eat out.

More photos of our Clubhouse are in our Galleries.

Price: The Clubhouse fee is $50.00 per person per night, regardless of whether you are staying in a room alone or with someone else.

Transportation: No need to rent a car! We can arrange to pick you up at the nearest rapid rail (MARTA) station, which originates in the Atlanta Airport (domestic flights) terminal. Students whose classes are being held in Blackburn Park can count on a ride back and forth with your instructor, or with other students who have driven to Atlanta from out of town.

Availability: Clubhouse reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Smoking and pets are not allowed inside the house.

A Forums post from Trebuchet, one of our first guests at the house:

"Activities that may be engaged in at the Hostel, or very nearby, include, but are not limited to: laughing,
weeping (tears of joy), walking, tree climbing, pensive study, provisioning, discovering incredible new
friends, diverse dining, night-climbing, photo-journaling, and that's not all.

     Of course, there is also the profound enhancement of you as a tree climber that can be accomplished
when registered and attending a course sited at what is rapidly becoming a premier, fully-equipped RTC
training facility....

     Well, all this to say, collect your favorite personal gear, contact Patty and Peter, and get to the Hostel
so you too can step outside your comfort zone to build wonderful tree climbing memories that you can
be sure will serve you and yours well for many happy tree climbing years to come."

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