Fun on a Sunday!

Beginners' Climbs are meant for "children" of all ages with no tree climbing skills. It is safe and easy! All equipment is supplied; all you need is loose clothing (T-shirt and long pants recommended), light shoes [closed-toe preferable], and some extra energy. Long hair should be tied back in a low ponytail.

During Summer, it's usually breezy and less hot under Sueño's (our climbing tree) branches. In the Fall, when temperatures start start to drop, dress in layers that can be shed as you start to warm up with exercise. Make sure to bring a camera — your family and friends will want to see pictures!

Mother and daughterA lifetime memory for this mother and
(Photo by Stan Stalnaker)
When you arrive, hankHere's Hank with a new climber
who is clearly enjoying himself!
the instructor will have looped all the ropes over branches and tied all the knots. We'll show you how the climbing system works, how to tie a safety knot, and how to descend safely. All you have to do is slip into a tree-climbing saddle and helmet, and up you'll go! Once aloft, you'll be able to get to those first few branches and "hang out" with no trouble at all! Climbers can usually climb twice, depending on how many people are participating that day.

Are you out of shape? Afraid you can't do this? Think again! There have been only a few first-time climbers who couldn't get up into our tree. Take a chance and try something different!

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TCI public climbs are now being run by Hank Blaustein, a TCI-trained tree climbing instructor. Hank conducts two sessions, 12 pm and 3 pm during his Sunday climbs, and REQUIRES PRE-REGISTRATION. Sign up HERE.

Dates: Climbs will be held on varying Sundays in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Check our calendar to make sure the event will be held. Please contact Hank ahead of time if you want to bring a group of 6 or more. 

Participants: Anyone age five and older is welcome to participate. Please  note, however, that most children at age five often have difficulty with the sequencing skills needed for climbing, and they experience some frustration. By age six, almost all children can do what's required to get up into the tree.

Location: Blackburn Park, entrance at 3530 Ashford-Dunwoody Rd. (at Johnson Ferry), Atlanta, GA 30319 (maps).

Cost: $29 per climber for public climbs. Please see our "Private Group Events" page for details about a party or other special outing you may want to schedule.

Waiver: For legal reasons, we do not make our liability waiver available on our website. If you are bringing children who are not yours, please contact Hank to send you a waiver so that you can have your guest's parent sign it ahead of time. 

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