Private Group Climbs for Beginners

Birthday PartyTree climbing birthday parties always get
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TCI private group climbs are tree-mendously popular special outings for scouts, school, camp, community and church groups--anyone who wants to organize a few hours of tree climbing for a large number of participants. These events can be scheduled any day of the week, depending upon the availability of our instructors. All group events are held in Blackburn Park at 3530 Ashford-Dunwoody Road at the intersection of Johnson-Ferry Road (maps) in Sueño, the big willow oak tree across from the Tennis Center.

Private group climbing events are just like our public Sunday afternoon Beginners' Climbs. When you arrive, all ropes will be set up. You'll get brief instruction with a climbing demonstration. Then you’ll put on harnesses and helmets and be ready to climb! Our group climbs are staffed with TCI-trained instructors who want each participant get the most out of their climbing experience. It’s a fun day for everybody!

Unlike our public Sunday events, the lower age limit for our private group climbs is seven years old, though we will permit one or two guests younger than seven at these. Most children younger than seven have difficulty performing the sequencing tasks needed for climbing, and their frustration sometimes overwhelms them. They require a good deal of the instructor's time, which means the other children have to wait longer. By the time they are seven, almost all children can easily do what's needed and all are successful climbers. At our public events, we have enough instructors that we can give little ones the extra time they need.


Group Climb pricing

See more pictures of our events and climbers in our Galleries.

Please call us (404-377-3150) to discuss and plan your event. We do not schedule events through email. If your event gets rained out, we will either refund your deposit or try to come up with an alternative date for you.
       Note: TCI does not host group climbing events during the months of December through March. It's no fun for new climbers when it's too cold! Weather permitting (temperatures above 50 degrees), we usually schedule events and begin our public climbs in April.

What to Wear:
Comfortable climbing clothes: long pants and a T-shirt (no shorts or dresses, please) and sturdy sneakers or closed-toe shoes. In cool weather, dress in layers. Outer clothes can be shed as people warm up.

What to Bring:
Any climber who uses an epi pen for insect bites or inhalant for asthma or other respiratory condition must bring their medication to the climb. We will send it up with the climber in a pouch attached to their saddle.
         Large groups may want to bring outdoor toys such as soccer balls and frisbees for children to play with while they are not climbing.

Everyone should bring:
Insect repellent
Eyeglasses strap for those who wear glasses
Hair ties for long hair
Drinks and snacks (there are picnic tables onsite)
Camera (highly recommended!)

Many people like to purchase souvenirs for memories or as party favors. TCI T-shirts are available in adult and children's sizes for $15 if purchased individually, or at a bulk rate of $12.75 for 10 or more. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to take advantage of this offer so we can be sure to have enough in the correct sizes on hand. We also offer TCI stickers, caps, "Tree Climber" keychains/water bottle holders, and other items seen in our webstore. Scouts may want to purchase TCI logo patches.

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