Gear Rater Lanyard Positioning Gear

Lanyard Positioning Devices

Please use the following guidelines in your evaluation of lanyard positioning devices:

Type of use: 1=Professional, 5=Recreational, 3=Both
Frequency of use: 1=once every 2-3 months, 2=once a month, 3=2-3 times/month, 4=1-2 times/week
5=3-5 times/week
Durability: 1=falls apart with infrequent use, 5=holds up extremely well with frequent use
Technical skill required: 1=difficult to figure out, 5=easy to figure out
Ease of use/set-up: 1=difficult, 5=easy
Safety: 1=easy to make mistake / gear failure, 5=reliable under any conditions
Strength: 1=breaks easily, 5=rarely or never breaks
Portability: 1=very difficult to carry, 5=very easy to carry

Overall user ratings for lanyard positioning devices are based on an average of durability, technical skill required, ease of use, safety, strength, and portability. Type of use and frequency of use statistics are for information purposes only.

Information about lanyards can be found in our "All About Gear" section.

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