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TOPIC: Getting up A Tree

just started P/T 13 years 7 months ago #125624

I was wondering from all the you guys find it easier to use spurs or the ropes with a friction not or ascender. I just started P?T and we use the spurs. For mostly take downs. Man, it took alot of energy. The guy who is teaching me odes not climb using just ropes since 98 percent of the work are takedowns. I am just wondering what you guys think is easier...the boss said what ever way I get up faster. But I am still learning the DRT.
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Getting up A Tree 13 years 7 months ago #125600

  • jimk123
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Hi nhdevildog,

Spurs are the quickest way up a tree. However, spurs on a living tree are like getting a tatoo with dirty needle. It contaminates a living system.

I did tree work for a short period. When climbing was tough, spurs were the choice. That was 25 years ago. There are techniques and climbing gear that are better for a tree.

I understand that you're making a choice that affects your job. Spurs get the job done. Just know that it's not the best thing for the tree. is a good site for you to check out. They have a forum on tree work.

Good luck!


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spurs 13 years 7 months ago #125627

In the uk we call them spikes anyway I think if you have to use spikes they are fine if the whole tree is coming down.Otherwise drt or srt.
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