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TOPIC: Time for rec climbing?

Time for rec climbing? 15 years 2 months ago #123001

How often do you go "recreational climbing." Does it not seem as fun since you do it for work? I love climbing, so whenever I go "tree reccing" it's fun. Sometimes at work it's not fun:(

Just wondering.

Would you like a lanyard spliced up, or anything else for that matter??? Give me a call- 323-384-7770 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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15 years 2 months ago #123064

I climb for work, but i believe id spend a weekend day to climb just for fun with friends. I have spent sat chuckin a monkey fist for accuracy improvement, little hip thrust practice as we mostly spike to climb, but run across trees of large diameter. just boreing training alone as some consider it work and stick to just that. so for me its just practice runs to try new things low n slow.

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Fun or work? 14 years 7 months ago #123828

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Hey Nick,
I've been doing tree-work on a part-time basis for a couple of years now. When I'm spending a lot of time working in the trees,it does become "work." Adding chainsaws and various
rigging to the equation doesn't allow you to safely contemplate the view,if you know what I mean.
It's a lot like fishing though,even a hard day in the trees is better than an easy day in the office. For money or recreation,I can honestly say that I enjoy every climb.
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12 years 11 months ago #126853

I try to rec climb about once to twice a month and I climb 5 days a week for work. Very rarely to I hate being up a tree. This usually happens when the tree is declining and could break and such. But when you work there are so many puzzles and such to solve that isn't involved in rec. climbing. It is totally different when you have to make and carry out situations do to obsticles and such. But when you reclimb it is a do what you want where you want kinda thing.
See you at the top.
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12 years 11 months ago #126861

Originally posted by Climber020
But when you work there are so many puzzles and such to solve that isn't involved in rec. climbing.

Enjoyment vs. work, while on the job.
I’m not an arborist by trade but it would seem that the climbing and pruning part of the job is nice but, the removals part of the job is nerve wracking. (At least for an eternal amateur such as myself) :)

For instance: This was uncomfortable but not nerve wracking. . .

“Picking” a 28,000 pound circuit breaker out of a hot substation, under an energized 230,000 volt power line. The crane had to boom-up and extend out while pulling back toward the power line to get the load over the fence and out of the yard.

So what’s the point??? (it's a stretch but here goes...)
Calculated risk is an understatement on tree removal.
Go over to and look at some of his tree removal shots. Now that’s worrisome.

I’m never “worried” about my math being off on a recreational climb, but
When you have to do a removal on a large and/or diseased tree that is overhanging a residential structure or near power lines, its all different.
Seems to me that Tree removal is some tricky stuff indeed.

I Love watching arborists, especially the small family shops.
And yeah, you Asplundh guys get scary too but I still think it’s the residential arborists that walk the razors edge on this “climbing is fun vs. nerve wracking” theme.

I'm not a tree worker but I sure can appreciate their craft!
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