Tropical Tree Climbing

The magical and diverse canopy of a tropical rainforest is a sight to behold. An interest in biology and canopy research, bird watching, nature observation, photography, or exploration — enjoy it all at the top of a giant tree. Making the climb into the monumental trees of a tropical rainforest is an unforgettable adventure.

To enter the tropical canopy safely is a serious undertaking that demands keen awareness and respect for one's surroundings. The entire climbing party must be trained in a variety of skills that go beyond technique alone. Climbers must be able to recognize and adapt to potential hazards and difficulties very different from those in a temperate forest. Knowing your gear, acquiring proper climbing knowledge, and being alert to the environment are all keys to your safety and success.

Tim at Ceiba treeTim stands before a giant Ceiba tree in Panama.TCI refers people who want training in tropical tree climbing to Tim "Tengu" Kovar, founder of Tree Climbing Planet. Tim is an International Master Tree Climbing Instructor who climbs trees in remote jungles all over the globe.

Over the course of almost 20 years, Tim has had the opportunity to work with canopy researchers stationed around the world, ornithologists in Indonesia, primatologists in Uganda, entomologists in Ethiopia, herpetologists in India, and students in South and Central America. He helped establish tropical tree climbing courses and leads climbing adventures into the Brazilian Amazon, hosted by Tropical Tree Climbing. He also takes students into some of the tallest trees on earth in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Tim also served as the guest tree climbing instructor for the International Canopy Conferences in India and Mexico. 

If you want to explore the roof of a tropical rainforest, design an ecotourism project, or lead tropical canopy expeditions, let Tim help make your project a reality. Or, if you are interested in pursuing tropical tree climbing for science, check out his new Canopy Research Training Program.

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