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Line Placement Gear--Throw Lines
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Great throwline if you like the skinny stuff. If you're used to Slickline or other heavy throwline you'll have to go through an adjustment period. Alows you to throw higher with less weight. Say good-bye and good riddance to 16 oz throwbags. 10 oz bag works well for most situations.

Works very well with Big Shot or other large slingshots.

You need to take the coils out of it when you first take it off the spool. I do this by running the whole length back and forth through my hands 3 or 4 times before throwing for the first time. You can also thread it through a couple of small trees or fence posts on the ground, pull it back and forth a couple of times to take the coils out.

When you're throwing you can't just flake it on the ground unless you're on a perfectly clean lawn. Best to flake it onto a small ground cloth or shirt or in a folding cube. Can also be flaked into and thrown out of the large size New Tribe throwline storage bag (yellow bag).

Probably best to start with 2.2mm and then graduate to the 1.75mm if you want to get even higher throws. The 1.75mm is finicky and requires great patience and line management skills.



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