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Bulky, but opens up more trees

The rating system may not give a fully accurate "score" as my only recreational use and somewhat infrequent use translate into lower scores but do not mean it's not a good product.

I got this device after being repeatedly frustrated with trying to get my throw bag up into higher branches. It's a bulkier tool, but does break down into two pole segments plus the sling-shot, which makes it easier to carry / transport.

The real beauty of this device is that it delivers your line higher up and better placed than most could ever do with just line tossing. It has definitely allowed me to climb trees higher and safer than I could have without it. As the Sherrill brochure states, this also allows you to shoot a line almost straight up, which puts more branches and options at your disposal.

It takes a bit of force to get the sling-shot fully drawn down, and you definitely have to put your weight into it to get the shot launched, but it's easier with practice. Proper line flaking and bag placement into the pouch is needed to get the shot to work, but when it does, it's sweet! I find the more I use it, the better I get (makes sense).

Considering the price of a lot of the gear used for tree climbing, I think this is a good value. Getting a good line placed well in a tree is one of the most important aspects of a successful climb, and this certainly improves your chances.



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