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Practice reveals major benefits and quality

Based on this novice climber's low time opinion (5 climbs in first month), Buckingham's "Friction Saver" is fantastic, for the first pitch, because it: Adjusts anchor around the tree, as asserted in "The Tree Climber's Companion"; prevents all DdRT-specific friction from reaching the limb; and significantly reduces overall friction in DdRT system, though I understand it moves the burden to the friction hitch. I'm also comforted by it's mega-stitched, multi-layered construction, which is super-hefty, but to my mind, not too heavy, for first pitch. Install documentation was sufficient to allow me to position the anchor correctly on the first try. Highly visible for the "BACK" check inspection. I bought mine with the new larger steel rings, that are said to reduce rope stress. Steel ring version is also said to stand up well to heavy professional usage. Still, I've said, "good for first pitch" because of the moderate weight. I carry a smaller Weaver double-stitched (runner) false crotch, built up with two stainless screw links from New Tribe (small oval and large pear) and a pulley, for upper pitches. I'm considering buying a longer Buckingham, with the new, thick aluminum rings to reduce my upper pitch gear complexity. I like the concept and the product. I'd like to hear a review about the aluminum version.



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