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Line Placement Gear--Throw Lines
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Great line. OK strength. Nice thickness.

I love this throwing line and wish they had a less visible version of it for stealthy missions.

It is a bulky line at 3mm and is great for trees that have thin skin like Banyans. It definitely has reduced my snags on those trees because it cuts less into the tree than thin lines. That said, we all get snags and this line has broken on me where my slickline would have held firm. It also isn't as smooth as other lines in thick bark trees - that can be solved with heavier weight.

The nice thing is that it is easy to hold onto. I've been cut and burned by thinner lines due to missed shots on a multipitch where this line doesn't seem to do that.

I also love that this line does not get tangled as easily as other lines. My other lines can be a nightmare without a throw cube. One unusual benefit of this line is that it doesn't seem to get as sticky as other lines I have used when sap gets on the line.

That said, 200ft of this line takes up a lot of space in a throw bag or throw cube.



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