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Old Reliable

This is the 1st line I climbed on at work. It's standard issue. It's strong, has a "good hand", holds knots well right out of the box,...and it's value priced. You just can't get a better bang for your buck. (If you get the Hi-Vee version of this for work purposes, you will not have the excuse of not being able to see it if you cut it. The Hi-Vee maintains its visibility even after it gets a bit grimmy.)

The white safety blue is my rope of choice for our facilitated climbing events. Like the comfy old sweatshirt mentioned earlier, This rope seems to have a built in reliable familiarity to it.

I use a 20' hank of this for my dogs tie out. (Settle down you PITA types, it's only for when he has to pee or wants to hang out outside for short stints.) After 3 years of sun, rain, snow, ice it still keeps his 85# self securely in our yard. So I guess you could say it rates high for being multi purpose.:)



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