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Impressive SRT rope

I purchased the SnakeBite version of this rope about a year ago. It's a very impressive rope for SRT climbing. It has EXTREMELY low elongation, it is light, and perhaps most surprisingly, it is very supple and easy to knot. The sheathing has proven to be very durable so far, with only minimal signs of wear and no milking.

The rope is sold as 3/8"/10mm. I haven't measured it, but I would say it's closer to the 3/8" measurement, which is more like 9.5mm. Nonetheless, I haven't had any problems using it in a Yo-Yo setup with a Grigri. I typically use a Petzl Freino carabineer with this slightly thinner line, which makes it easier to avoid over-braking with the handle and heating up the Grigri.

It does have a very interesting property of becoming rigid after it has been loaded, but it regains its supple property with even a slight lateral pressure. I haven't found it to be a negative attribute, just interesting.

I would be hard pressed to look at a different static rope when it does come time to replace this one. Then again, one never knows what's around the corner :)



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