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(Updated: July 18, 2008)
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The 7/16" stuff is good too

NOTE: This refers to the 7/16" (11mm) version of this rope.

I've been climbing on this for a couple of weeks, and it's now my favorite SRT rope.

The 11mm version is, of course, a bit fatter than the 10mm (3/8") version, and I've been shlepping around a 200 foot hank of it, so I can't rave about the weight savings. That said, even a 200 foot hank not too bad for a short hike into the woods, and it's much less stiff and therefore less trouble to pack than the PMI so-called "EZ Bend" (which is really stiff and hard stuff into a bag). Knotting (my standard SRT termination is a figure-8 loop with a screwlink) is also really easy with this stuff; it's extremely supple when not under tension.

Supposedly, the 11mm version specs out to be a bit stretchier than the 10mm version, but you can't tell while climbing. As soon as it's fully loaded, it feels like climbing a steel cable; there is no detectable stretch whatsoever. Very efficient.

I expected, given how supple the stuff is when tying knots, that there would be some core/jacket "milking" issues, but I have yet to detect any.

A couple of odd behaviors:

- The rope tends to acquire an oval cross section after a rappel (I use a small rack).

- When the rope first comes out of the tree after a climb, it is rigid, as though the fibers of the rope have locked together, but this disappears as soon as the rope is flexed a little bit and it is then once again supple for knotting.

Neither of the weird behaviors makes the rope unpleasant or difficult to climb, they're just strange. On the whole, I'm VERY impressed; this is an excellent line for SRT.



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