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tree motion, a review

ve been climbing for about a year and a half and i am the only climber for the company i work for, i used to own a b2 saddle and now ive had the treemotion saddle for 6 months now and this is what ive come up with. the green rope bridge sits about 4 inches lower than most of the bridges ive seen which sits perfectly with my center of gravity, every body thrust i do seems more productive than with my old saddle and when im "sitting" in the saddle suspended i feel a lot more comfort as well, the duel lanyard d rings are definatly a plus, i use a steel core flip line as my primary and i use my climbing line and prusik for my secondary when in a pinch. so far i love the saddle but there are some set backs


THE PRICE- the saddle is a whopping 500 dollars after taxes and what nots, not an easy amount to muster up on the drop of a hat so it takes some savin thats more sure

CHAINSAW ATTACHMENT POINT- the chainsaw attachment point is located directly in the middle of your back, honestly i dont mind it too much and i got used to it quckly i feel as if this location helps with saddle lag to either side but even with just 12 pounds at your back you feel as if your getting your climbing line tugged on my a groundsman, it took some getting used to and about a day to get comfortable with the new position, i also purchased the petzl 6 dollar accesory carabinas and that was a mistake, the chainsaw lanyard is constantly opening the gate when i make my cut and when i place the saw back down the lanyard is not captured by the biners so your slowed down because you have to open the biner to get your lanyard out, i would seriously consider not using the accesory carabiner locations at all and stick to making your own with the small holes into the saddle. yet another problem with the chainsaw attachment point is that when you grab for your saw you end up bringing everything else you have on your belt with it, the lanyard is always getting stuck on my cmi straps and biners and the range of motion on my 50'' lanyard is significantly reduced, yet another time consumer

VELCRO PADDING- this actually isnt a huge deal but can become one when your 90 foot high and only about 10 min into your deadwooding job. the velcro seems a bit weak at times and the pads shift while climbing which can, in turn, expose the bare leather on your back or the back of your legs, definatly not a comfortable feeling and very hard to fix while wearing the saddle, i have though only experienced this problem twice and within the first week of my ownership of the saddle, im guessing it was just a break in factor and thus have had few problems with the padding.

ANSI/OSHA REGULATED- now ive heard rumors that this saddle is not a regulated saddle because of the rope bridge not being strong enough (once again just rummors) i have yet to hear if this saddle is ansi or osha regulated and im not going to pretend that i know what it takes to be regualted, all i know is if it isnt and they see me climbin in it i will be paying far more than the 500 dollars i spent to buy this saddle on fines and what nots,

All in all i love the saddle, even with the negatives i suggested i have found a way around them, i have gotten used to the saddle and i love it. ive climbed easily into and out of over 60 trees in the past 3 weeks (can you tell the busy season is uon us) and everything is still in great shape, i hope i was able to help some of you out there and i hope that those who own the treemotion will be just as forth comming with your comments about the saddle, happy climbin yall



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