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Line Placement Gear--Devices
(Updated: December 10, 2010)
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Retreever - good for throwlines

It's a nice tool, but the bendable wire end could be heftier. It's so easy to re-shape that even a climbing line will slip out of it because the weight of the line pulls the "sickle" straight. It's really cool for snagging throw lines.

I don't want to de-value having this thing - even though I don't use it too often, having it has changed the way I strategize getting around in a tree. You can snag a throwline from very far away. Just make sure you are using a light weight!! I just wish it was strong enough to lift my flipline.

EDIT - The Retreever cut me pretty badly when it hyper-extended past one of its crimped joints and the inner part, which has slits in the metal, tore a nice gash in the bottom of my index finger. And I wasn't going ballistic on it either. So be careful with this thing. You may want to consider the other one listed here. I think that's the one I'm going to get. Sherrill Tree was very cool about the whole thing and credited it for me. I had been using it about a year, only semi-frequently.



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