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A must for New Tribe saddles.

I use this life support connector on all of my New Tribe saddles at the TCI school. It loads up in three directions which is very important as far as New Tribe saddles are concerned that require the load to be placed at three different points.

Warning- Never use a traditional carabiner with New Tribe saddles (unless you are clipping into a screw link) as life support. Carabiners are designed to take a load in only two directions.

I use the flat side of the delta screw link on the top. This will make it possible to clip in two carabiners while climbing with both ends of the rope.

I gave it lower marks for ease of use because you have to screw it in with your fingers. It's certainly a tiresome chore when you are putting a lot of climbers on rope in a school setting.

The stainless steel model is stronger and prettier- it is shiny. Some say the stainless steel threads don't jam as readily either.

I've never seen or heard of a delta screw link de-threading while in use. You can always be sure it will never open by a gentle nudge with a 6" crescent wrench. I have seen a few screw links get locked down requiring that little wrench or pliers to get it back open.



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