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You Don't Know What You're Missing

Yes to the statements so far. Read the other reviews then try these. I would be surprised if your own experience is not spot on. Yeah, they get caught and torn up pretty easily until you get used to them. No, they don't last nearly as long as leather gloves. But you can also feel a lot more and do a lot more with them on.

Like I already said when I referred to these gloves in a different review, the grip they afford on my lifeline is so dramatically increased that I went from climbing in "cycles" to a straight walk up the tree. Look, I'm sure many of us have read Jepson's "The Tree Climbers Companion", right? So yeah, for years I thought there was basically one general method to the DdRT -

Step up or swing your legs up,

Thrust your hips forward while taking in your line

Hold the line and advance your hitch

Catch a split-second of rest while beginning a new cycle.

And I make this even easier on myself. A lifetime of guitar, piano and motorcycling has played havoc with my carpal tunnels - so each time, I alternate hands and take 1 wrap of lifeline around the lower wrist to make towing the line that much easier and more comfortable.

Let me tell you, I put these gloves on and it was like Popeye and his spinach. I forgot I was 44 years old. I forgot about carpal tunnel; I only knew carpe diem. I was going up hand over hand for a good 5 or more strides, and then it was like, "What the hell am I supposed to do with this big loop of slack that's all over me????" So you know, until I played around and figured out which hitches work for this new (to me) style, I had to hold myself with one hand and take up the slack with another. And that gets harder and harder after exhausting yourself going up hand over hand. After about 5 or 6 "extended cycles" of this, I was hanging limp, breathing heavy, resting my weary arms and hands, but still laughing while looking down from like, 30 ft. that I had covered in maybe 45 seconds. Shite ! Man, what I would have given for one ground guy on belay during that job!

But the fact that I could do it at all - it's because of the rubber coating. And I don't do this anymore - it wreaks havoc on my carpals. But whether or not you change your speed or technique, these gloves are worth a try. And if you are really strong (and young, ha!) you will blow yourself away with this advantage.



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