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Bee Line - love it

Reading the other reviews reminded me that you can tie your own lengths. I own several different eye2eye split-tails, but they are all pre-spliced.

Because of the experience needed to tie advanced friction hitches, and also the many ways these can be rigged with additional tails, 'biners and pulleys, I ramped up the skill quotient a little.

I have both the 8mm and 10mm sizes. One thing about the 10mm Bee wrapped around a 1/2" climbing line, you do have to be somewhat careful - especially if you are used to other split tails, like Tenex. I started out with Tenex, it's really soft and squishy and it grabs quickly and without fail. But if you have 10mm Bee tied in a Schwabisch, it is possible for it to not grab until you re-set it, especially when it's new. I have begun to release my hold on my lifeline and felt it just freely paying right thru a Schwab prusik until I reached up and set it again.

But like most things, there is also a positive side to this: If the trunk is close and you can walk it, then you can climb up hand over hand very fast. I first discovered this wearing the rubber-coated gloves listed as "Treeman's Pick". Bee line will start to self-tail the rope as soon as you get a good weight hanging underneath you. Your lifeline pulls right thru the Bee Line and until you need to stop and rest, you can just go-go-go. Not to go too far off base here, but there are several ways to rig up an eye2eye configuration - you can do it with an additional "tail" of rope between your center D and the hitch, or you can tie it right to a carabiner on your center D. If you do the latter, and you're in great shape, you can make amazingly fast progress up a tree if you have the right grip on the line, and Bee Line for your prusik works great for this. Not all eye2eye materials will easily self-tail ... but Bee Line does.

Another thing Bee Line is great for - ascent via secure foot lock method. You can tie Bee Line in a Klemheist and it grips very well. But even better, it releases nicely, especially when you get the "hang" (Oh I slay myself) of where and how to push it when you slide it up.



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