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Line Placement Gear--Throw Weights
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Works OK in the woods

I've been using a pair 8 oz Sherrill "bullets" for about two years as the mainstay of my tree entry kit. The 8 oz size helps me get a bit more height on my throws and big shot flings, and it is heavy enough to pull 1.75 mm Zing It over most branches. I've read complaints about the durability of these for a couple of years now on various tree climbing forums, but I haven't had any problems yet. I think the difference is where I climb: many people climb around pavement or in parks with hard grassy surfaces, whereas I climb mostly in the woods - and around here that means a thick layer of "duff" on the surface. That's about as soft a landing as you can get, although the bags routinely bury themselves an inch or two deep when they land. They have held up to regular ricochets off of branches without any problems yet. I'll keep them for as long as they last, and they'll keep getting used hard because of the usefulness of the 8 oz size (at the time I purchased them they were one of the few bags offered in this size).



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