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Line Placement Gear--Throw Lines
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Good stuff

1.75 mm Zing It and an 8 oz throwbag have been my standard tree entry set-up for a couple of years now. The Zing It is light enough that an 8 oz throwbag works to pull the line over anything I've been hitting, and it is strong enough that you can actually use a hard pull to dislodge a stuck bag sometimes. That said, it can break if a tangle is pinched in a snag. It doesn't tangle and snag very often for a hand throw (although there have been days...), but it is very prone to throwing tangles when used with a big shot. Judging from my earlier experience with NT's blackline, this is probably just a characteristic of any light line. It is VERY worth your time to flake the line carefully before throwing or shooting, and keep all debris out of the line - even a pine needle can be enough to create a mess. It seems to behave a bit better after being broken in. All this said, I doubt any other lines offer significant improvement on tangle management, and this stuff is so strong and durable I'll probably be using it for years.



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