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Line Placement Gear--Throw Lines
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Zing It throwline- 2.2mm

This yellow Zing works well. It ties on great with a slipped clove to your bag.

Make sure you burn and fuse the ends.

After reading the other reviews, I guess it's fair to mention that I always use a way oversize container to flake this stuff in. Usually a dairy crate, but small plastic buckets work well too. You won't get too many tangles, but the ones you do get will become hellish. The only time I deploy it from anything "small" is aloft from a line mug. The wider your opening to flake into, the less of a chore it is.

A good trick when you take it in, if it's all on the ground, is to walk away from the other end before you start flaking. It is less likely to tangle if there is even a little dragging resistance while you take it in. If you can get 100 or 200ft away, flaking goes like a breeze and it untwists itself. (Unless you're silly enough to leave the throwbag on it.)

I also like dairy crates because you can easily tie a small length of line to the bottom, and then use a slipped bowline to attach the Zing to the tied piece. Great for when you don't have as much as you need - it doesn't get away from you.

Technical Skill? No, it's a piece of string. Ease of Use? Ahhh, something different. It's fair to say that if you know how to tie a few knots and have some experience this stuff will be more of a friend to you than if you are a total novice.

It's so very strong - I love the fact that I can "dead" small branches without having to place a real line up there. And this durability comes in really handy when there is a problem getting your lifeline up and around the crotch, or of it becomes tangled in a branch. You can realy beat the hell out of this line and it takes it like a champ. I give it a 5 for durability and safety because it is very strong for what it is.

I have so many throw lines around, and almost all of them are the yellow Zing 2.2. - The price is right.

I keep 4 or 5 dairy crates with flip lines, this way I can place several throwlines and just have them waiting until the day when I have time to pull a lifeline through and climb. Or, if I have tree work and I have to grab a recreational line, I put a Zing in its place so I don't have to re-throw.

It's good to have lots of throwlines. When you are climbing a tree that is near the one you want to get into next, you toss it in and then wait as long as you need until you use it. (I have maybe 20 climbing trees on my property.)



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