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Petzl Ascension - Going Up (Straight Up, that is)

When you read my numbers, you have to understand that the ratings are based on a "Texas Climbing System" which includes the Petzl ascenders, but also includes straps and carabiners. So once you add all the straps and biners (which stay as part of the assembled system - you don't take it apart unless you are changing left to right or something) then it becomes a little more challenging to rig up, use smoothly, a little harder to drag around, etc.

I have been using this system since I started climbing, so lets say 5 years. And here's what I have learned:

** - I can tell you that routing the tailing line thru is a personal thing with the Texas system and I have played with it for a long time. Now I have a consistent method where things don't get in the way and it works well without frustration.

** - These are a great way to get a seriously aerobic workout while climbing.

** - You can switch left and right around (I usually do it 1st of every month) to become adept at climbing both ways.

** - If you have to go a long distance straight up, on a single line, this is the way to go.

** - I have never had an ascender torque free of my climbing line, but a few times, when fatigued, I almost torqued it out. Technique is important - you can't tug on these when advancing - but I also would never teach a new climber to use these without safety biners clipped into the safety holes.

** - Very lightweight, very durable. I have done probably 200-300 climbs on these and the handgrips still look perfect.

** - The "changeover" is something you practice low and slow, if you're planning on coming down the same line you went up.

** - I saw on "Planet Earth" series, a shot of climbers going up the giant Redwoods - and they were going up single line with these, and also using foothold on the trunk to push off. Point being they are versatile and be used several different ways

** - I just recently started using these with the DdRT - It's kind of slow going, but if you have no good way to advance because the tree is too far away, it works. The Petzl Pantin vs. the Petzl Ascender? Depends on how far you're going. Not really sure yet.

I used these on many jobs - could never do without them. The leg straps are looking fuzzy, the green guard part is frayed, but straps are still structurally sound.

Highly recommended.



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