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The best connector for a NT saddle

If you use a New Tribe saddle, it is worth the extra couple of dollars to get one of these instead of the default Delta screwlink for your main saddle attachment point. The main reason is space; if you do anything but single-pitch climbs on a traditional system, the delta link gets crowded with ropes and/or hardware. The pear link helps a lot here; that extra room is always nice to have. Screwlinks of heavy stock like this are absurdly strong, even when loaded at odd angles. All you have to do is screw them finger tight at the start of the climb and check from time to time during the climb - same as for any other hardware. I have once or twice wished for a wrench when undoing one, and a gentle twist with a wrench at the start of the climb would provide a bit of extra security, but mostly this is usable with fingers alone. My one complaint is that the thing has a habit of re-orienting during a climb, especially when you unload for a moment while standing on a branch, so that the narrow side ends up pointing upward. This could be fixed by something to keep the narrow end confined to the leg strap attachment, but so far I haven't bothered. You don't want a carabiner for this attachment, and this is the best of the easily available choices.



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