Tree Climbing Gear

kit32The TCI Recreational Gear Kit,
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Climbing trees does not require a great deal of equipment. However, you will need and use several items regularly: your saddle (harness), helmet, rope, branch savers, throw lines and throw weights, and carabiners. All this gear gets stored in a "rope bag"; the small bag is very helpful to carry on your saddle.

You will probably want additional gear as you gain experience and experiment with new techniques. Some climbers like to carry a large assortment of tools, while others carry only the barest minimum. It all depends on what a climber feels is most comfortable with his or her personal climbing style.

Some fundamental rules about basic tree-climbing equipment always apply:

  • Don't buy used gear, and always buy high quality gear.
  • Store your gear in a safe place.
  • Inspect gear often for wear or damage. If you take care of it, your gear will last many years and take you to lots of interesting places.

Finally, whatever gear you use, it is important to remember and to practice the safety protocols and etiquette taught in the Basic Tree Climbing Course and our "Tree Climbing Basics" DVD. No piece of hardware can replace good safety procedures, and any equipment that claims to do so should not be used by anyone.

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