Safety Glasses and Gloves

Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes! There are all kinds of things in trees that can give you a problem if you’re not using eye protection. The most common is to get your eyes poked by a twig. Ouch! Small particles like bark fragments can fall into your eyes, too. A particle as small as a pinhead can cause a huge gush of tears with accompanying pain. No fun.

TCI recommends that climbers wear safety glasses for eye protection. Industrial plastic safety glasses are inexpensive and can be found at any hardware or arborist supply store. Sunglasses are not acceptable, as they are often quite expensive and are not made for eye protection. Don’t forget to get a cord for the glasses. That way you can take the glasses off and hang them off your neck to get a cool photo or wipe sweat out of your eyes.


Inexpensive latex-coated gloves like gardening gloves have a tacky surface that really enhances rope grip. These gloves also protect your hands from blistering or rope burns during a descent. Sturdier non-slip gloves, like those used by carpenters, are also available. Leather gloves are acceptable for descending but are useless for ascending because their slick surface doesn’t allow for a firm grip of the rope. Wearing gloves with the fingertips cut off makes it easier to handle gear such as carabiners.

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