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Gear Rater

Welcome to the TCI Gear Rater! 

GearThis is Treeman's "Petzl paw," rigged out
with all sorts of climbing equipment. Do
you own any of these items? Rate them
— and others — here!
TCI's Gear Rater lets you see how other climbers rate the gear they're using. Are you unfamiliar with a particular type or style of gear? Not sure if it's right for you? Check back often for new evaluations and/or new gear. You may be surprised what you'll learn here!

Rating Guidelines

Readers and reviewers will find rating guidelines for each type of gear on each category page. Star ratings are the average of all factors except type of use and frequency of use. These two factors tell you more about who the reviewer is and under what conditions the gear is being used. Take these into account as you evaluate whether the review is useful to you for a particular type of equipment.

Post Reviews or Add to Items for Review

Please remember: All visitors to our site can read gear ratings, but only people who are registered can post reviews and/or use our "Gear Rater Form" to submit new items for review. If you're not registered but you are a climber with gear you particularly like or dislike, please register and and tell our community about it. The Gear Rater will become an invaluable tool for all climbers--recreational and professional--as more and more of you express your opinions about various tree climbing equipment.

Basic information about tree climbing gear can be found in our "All About Gear" section.


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